Cheap DIY Paper Ornaments for your first Christmas Tree

After all the excitement of setting up your first apartment dies down a bit, you realize the holiday season is upon you and no, you cannot take your mom’s Christmas tree and decorations to spice up your residence for your upcoming ugly sweater party.

So, it’s time to get crafty and make some ornaments; cheap ones so that you can actually afford to buy the long-winded list of the ‘nice’ in your life a couple of Christmas presents.

What to do:

  1. Compile some magazines, scrap paper, newspaper, catalogs, Sunday ads,
  2. Find some stray ribbon, yarn, rubber bands or even the twist ties that come on a pack of bagels.
  3. Grab your mini-stapler and that little box of extra staples you’ve barely made a dent to over the years.
  4. Get crafting. Here is a little paper ornament inspiration for ya (I tried to find the easiest/quickest designs so that you can make more than 20 and actually cover your tree):

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Inspiration via: ThingsbyV on Etsy, PerpetualBliss on, ChrisJob on Curbly, Jeffrey Rudell on CraftStylish, Mike on Shelterness, Morgan at PepperDesignBlog, Jane at ARMommy, PaperSource at MyDIYWedding, Botanical Paperworks, OnceWed.

Oh and if you’re really feeling crafty – why not make some time to create your own ice chandelier like Katy Elliott did on her blog or the little stand up trees found on The Sweetest Occasion blog:

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